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5 Stylish and Modern Ways to Wear a Hoodie

Hoodie is the basis of men’s winter attire. It’s a vital item for every man’s wardrobe. If you pair it with the other items, you might wear it to a casual weekend gathering. Some hoodies have side or front pockets where your hands may be tucked in to stay warm. Select it in gentle shades to wear under shirts, or get a printed version to stand out. If you’re not sure how to style a hoodie, consider the following ideas:

1. Bomber Jacket with Hoodie

Undoubtedly, an off white hoodie and bomber jacket will become your go-to look. It’s stylish and warm at the same time. Put on a high-quality jacket over your hoodie to stay toasty all day. Going to the grocery store or getting coffee with friends is great. It never goes out of style and is ageless. It’s a safe option for those who don’t want to explore too much with their wardrobe. Excellent neutral colours for hoodies to pair with bomber jackets include grey, black, and brown.

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2. Denim Jacket with Hoodie

This is for the daring in fashion. You may wear a denim jacket over your embroidered hoodie instead of the bomber jacket. You may wear this to pull off the laid-back urban style this winter. Wear it with your favourite jeans and shoes for a killer appearance. Neutral-coloured hoodies might look great with a denim jacket since they can make a statement independently. 

3. Leather Jacket with Hoodie

Put a leather jacket on your zip up hoodie to add flair to your simple outfit. Wearing a leather motorcycle jacket can keep you warm and stylish. With jeans and shoes, it looks fantastic for evening events. A black leather jacket looks good, and various hoodies make it look rocker. This might also be an excellent option for gothic aesthetics.

4. Shearling Jacket with Hoodie

How should a hoodie be styled when it’s too cold to wear? Shearling coats are the solution. It’s well known that these coats keep you warm. Combining two thick items requires balance. For maximum warmth and a stylish appearance, use it with boots.

5. Hoodie with Ripped Jeans

How can you seem fashionable while wearing a hoodie with jeans? When it’s not too cold outside, you may wear your sweatshirt with a pair of torn jeans. This is stylish and will elevate your entire look. It’s a trendy urban outfit that avoids being too simple. To make it even more elegant, accessorize it with a hat. Here, you may stand out by wearing hoodies in bright colours.


Hoodies are a platform for individual style and an essential part of men’s winter attire. Hoodies come in various styles and may be worn beneath a bomber or denim jacket for a more laid-back look, a leather jacket for a more edgy look, or a shearling jacket for added warmth. Pairing ripped jeans and a hoodie may turn a casual ensemble into something chic and urbane. These five elegant and modern hoodie outfit ideas show that this winter staple can be cosy and fashionable, making it a must-have item for every man’s closet.