Artistic Adventure: Luggage Set with Floral Skull Prints

Artistic adventure in travel gear.


Elevate your travels to an exquisite blend of elegance and enigma with our Floral Skull Suitcase Collection. Just like the captivating still life drawing of a skull surrounded by pink flowers, our suitcases combine the mystique of the skull with the beauty of blossoms.

Available in various sizes to cater to your travel needs, each suitcase is thoughtfully designed for the modern voyager. It boasts an adjustable telescopic handle and four double-wheels with a 360° swivel for effortless maneuvering through airports and bustling city streets.

Safety is paramount, which is why our suitcases come equipped with a built-in lock and a removable inner lining secured under a black rubber seal. Inside, you’ll find two convenient inner pockets for organized packing.

The suitcase’s sturdy construction features a polycarbonate front and ABS back hard-shell, ensuring your belongings stay protected throughout your journey.

What sets these suitcases apart is their artistic touch. The high-resolution designs, reminiscent of the mesmerizing still life artwork, grace a canvas surface encapsulated in the PC shell. It’s travel gear that makes a statement, reflecting both mystery and beauty.

Choose your travel companion from our Floral Skull Suitcase Collection and embark on journeys that are as unique as your sense of adventure. Traveling is an art, and now, your luggage can be, too.

.: Material: polycarbonate front and ABS back hard-shell
.: Adjustable telescopic handle
.: Removable inner lining under a black rubber seal
.: Two inner pockets
.: Four double-wheels with 360° swivel
.: Built-in lock

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