Bali’s Tranquil Horizons: Tegelalang-Inspired Acrylic Wall Clocks, Bali’s Peaceful Retreat

Bali’s beauty on your wall.


These timepieces not only tell time but also transport you to the lush landscapes of rural Bali.

Available in two shapes (round and square) and two sizes, our acrylic wall clocks are designed to complement your decor seamlessly. Each clock is equipped with a keyhole at the back for effortless wall hanging, ensuring it becomes a striking centerpiece in your home.

Crafted from 100% acrylic, these clocks mimic the appearance of glass while offering exceptional durability and sturdiness. They are built to stand the test of time, just like the enduring beauty of Tegelalang.

The clock’s face captures the essence of Tegelalang’s natural wonder. It portrays a vibrant landscape with rolling hills, terraces, and an abundance of lush greenery. Tall palm trees grace the foreground, creating a captivating contrast against the dark sky. A wooden frame in the bottom right corner adds a touch of rustic charm to this natural setting. Further into the distance, a steep slope leads down into a serene valley.

By bringing Tegelalang’s tranquility into your living space, these acrylic wall clocks serve as a daily reminder of nature’s beauty and serenity. They are perfect for anyone seeking peace and quiet in the heart of nature.

Experience the magic of Tegelalang rice terraces every time you check the time. Order your Tegelalang-Inspired Acrylic Wall Clock today and let the beauty of Bali’s countryside grace your home.

.: Material: 100% acrylic
.: Round and square shape options
.: Two size options (10.75”×10.75” and 8”×8”)
.: Requires one AA battery (NOT included)
.: Includes keyhole hanging slot

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