MagSafe Tough Cases, Big Ben MagSafe Tough Cases, Iconic Big Ben Dual-Layer Phone Protection

Big Ben MagSafe Tough Cases—a blend of artistry and resilience.


When timeless aesthetics and uncompromising function unite, the Big Ben MagSafe Tough Case emerges as the epitome of style and protection. Crafted with a dual-layer polycarbonate design, this case is your shield against the elements, offering exceptional durability, flexibility, and impact resistance.

Available in your choice of a sleek matte or glossy premium finish, the Big Ben MagSafe Tough Case doesn’t just protect your phone – it elevates your style. With a full-wrap print on its exterior surfaces, your device becomes a canvas showcasing the iconic silhouette of Big Ben, a testament to your admiration for this majestic landmark.

Embrace innovation with the embedded magnet, enhancing compatibility with a range of Apple MagSafe accessories. This synergy between form and function ensures that your Big Ben MagSafe Tough Case seamlessly integrates into your digital lifestyle.

The inner layer of the case is meticulously crafted with black, cushioned TPU material, offering an added layer of protection and elegance. While slight variations in color and texture are possible, the superior quality remains unwavering.

Choose the Big Ben MagSafe Tough Case – a fusion of artistry and resilience that pays homage to the grandeur of Big Ben while keeping your device safeguarded in style.

.: Dual-layer polycarbonate case
.: Available in matte or glossy premium finish
.: Full-wrap print on exterior surfaces
.: Embedded magnet to enhance compatibility with Apple MagSafe accessories
.: Durable, flexible and impact resistant
.: Black, cushioned inner TPU layer (slight variations in color/texture are possible)

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