Proudly Iraqi: Personalized Desk Calendar with National Emblem


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Celebrate the rich history and enduring spirit of Iraq with our “Timeless Iraq” Personalized Desk Calendar, a perfect way to decorate your surroundings in custom style. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Iraqi Emblem and the stories it represents as you bring a daily staple to life with your unique touch.

Available in one size (10″ x 5″ or 25cm x 12.5cm), each desk calendar is designed to perfection, allowing you to add your own calendar layout. The high-quality 270gsm paper ensures durability and offers a smooth surface for your personalized touch.

The Iraqi Emblem, with its majestic golden Eagle, stands tall as a symbol of the nation’s strength, courage, and unity. As you personalize your desk calendar, let this emblem inspire you each day, reminding you of Iraq’s rich heritage and the profound journey of the nation.

The calendar is spiral bound at the top, providing easy access to each month, and serving as a daily reminder of the resilience and unity ingrained in Iraq’s history.

As you customize the desk calendar, cherish the opportunity to connect with your roots, honoring the significance of Iraq in your life and the lives of millions who call it home.

NB! Please note that the calendars come without default date grids, allowing you the freedom to add your own dates, events, and meaningful moments to this beautifully personalized creation.

Embrace the spirit of Iraq as you adorn your desk with this personalized calendar, celebrating the nation’s timeless legacy and the strength of its people. Cherish the beauty and symbolism of the Iraqi Emblem, as you make each day meaningful with your touch of inspiration. Display your love for Iraq proudly with the “Timeless Iraq” Personalized Desk Calendar, where art meets national pride, and each day becomes a canvas of memories and aspirations.

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