Floral Elegance: Ruled Line Spiral Notebook, Blossom Charm: Flower Patterned 118 Page Notebook

Enhance your daily tasks with our 118-page spiral notebook featuring enchanting flower patterns.


Elevate your everyday tasks with the enchanting allure of these flower-patterned spiral notebooks. Whether jotting down shopping lists, capturing school notes, or penning heartfelt poems, these 118-page companions featuring ruled line paper offer the perfect canvas. The durable printed floral cover adds an element of pride to every carry, infusing your routines with natural beauty. With 59 sheets of ruled line paper within, these notebooks provide ample space for your thoughts. The front cover blooms with intricate flower patterns, while the dark grey back cover adds a touch of contrast. Embrace the elegance of nature’s creations as you make these notebooks an essential part of your daily life. .: 118 ruled line pages (59 sheets) .: Front cover print .: Dark grey back cover

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