Artful Protection: MagSafe Tough Case with Floral Skull Design, MagSafe Case with Skull and Roses

Stylishly strong phone case with floral skull design.


Introducing our MagSafe Tough Case—an artistic fusion of protection and aesthetics. This isn’t just a phone case; it’s a canvas that combines style with rugged durability.

Crafted with a dual-layer polycarbonate structure, this case delivers impeccable device protection. It’s tough, flexible, and impact-resistant, ensuring your phone stays safe through life’s adventures.

But it’s not all about strength; it’s about style too. Choose between a sleek matte or glossy premium finish, each meticulously designed to enhance the visual appeal of your device. And here’s the artistic twist: your chosen print fully wraps the exterior surface, featuring a captivating still life drawing of a skull surrounded by vibrant pink flowers.

The dominant colors of black and pink in this artwork create a striking contrast that demands attention. Hints of yellow and green add depth, making this design a conversation starter wherever you go.

But there’s more to this case. Embedded with a magnet, it enhances compatibility with Apple MagSafe accessories, adding functionality to its list of attributes. Please note that while it’s optimized for Apple MagSafe, compatibility with non-Apple brand chargers may vary.

Inside, a cushioned black TPU layer provides additional device protection, ensuring your phone stays secure and stylish.

It’s not just a phone case; it’s an expression of your unique style and a commitment to device safety. Elevate your tech game with a case that blends artistic beauty with robust defense. Choose the “Floral Skull MagSafe Tough Case” and stand out in the world of device protection.

.: Dual-layer polycarbonate case
.: Available in matte or glossy premium finish
.: Full-wrap print on exterior surfaces
.: Embedded magnet to enhance compatibility with Apple MagSafe accessories (compatibility not guaranteed with non-Apple brand chargers)
.: Durable, flexible and impact resistant
.: Black, cushioned inner TPU layer (slight variations in color/texture are possible)

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