Toast to Unity: Custom Stemless Wine Glass with Iraqi Emblem


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Raise a glass to the beauty and unity of Iraq with our Personalized Stemless Wine Glass, a perfect addition to weddings, parties, and unforgettable evenings with loved ones. Embrace the sleek and sophisticated design as each glass holds 11.75oz (0.35ml) of your favorite wine, creating a memorable experience with every sip.

Crafted with 100% glass, this stemless wine glass exudes elegance, reflecting the timeless charm of the Iraqi Emblem. The golden Eagle, a symbol of strength and courage, graces the glass, representing the nation’s enduring spirit and unity.

Add your art and create a kitchen classic that pays tribute to the beauty and significance of Iraq. With a glossy print that enhances the emblem’s vibrancy, this personalized stemless wine glass becomes a cherished keepsake.

At the bottom of the glass, the country of origin, Iraq, is featured, a gentle reminder of the nation’s rich heritage and the splendor that lies within its borders.

Sourced from China, this blank product is transformed into a symbol of Iraq’s beauty and cultural richness when personalized with the Iraqi Emblem.

NB! Hand wash only to preserve the exquisite design and ensure that every sip remains a toast to Iraq’s majestic legacy.

Embrace the essence of Iraq as you enjoy moments of celebration and joy with our personalized stemless wine glass. Let the golden Eagle of the Iraqi Emblem inspire your toasts, bringing the spirit of unity and strength to every gathering.

Celebrate the beauty of Iraq with each sip, cherishing the memories and stories that unite you with this beautiful country. Raise your personalized stemless wine glass with pride, honoring the rich heritage and resilient spirit that make Iraq a true treasure to behold.

.: Material: 100% glass
.: One size: 11.75oz (0.35ml)
.: Glossy print
.: Country of origin featured at the bottom of the glass
.: Blank product sourced from China
.: NB! Hand wash only

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